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Flood lamps  
      Our new range of floodlight series is designed with pre-heating circuit which enables a stable start and allows for an extended life span of the lamp, thereby making these floodlights very energy efficient and ideal for outdoor and large open usage. They are available in various colors and 2 different LED configurations and outer casing design……
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About us

   LaiTe starts to create in 20 centuries,the history is long ago,the company experiences successively rains and winds,getting into especially for 21 centuries,JinJiaYi flies hurriedly long,such as a black horse,gallop about in the lighting profession.
   LaiTe obeys a humanized management always in this development,the upscale time serves,with each other the benefit ofmutual benefit light is been a model number by it for the V6,V8 type.Go to this as you to introduce V6 the characteris-tics of the lamps in brief.
   The style's lamp is currently the more novel lamp is on the market,it is special to flow line shape,humanization and art style, perfect but not grandiloquent of gather in the whole body, enjoy by reserved, noble and cultured sense of vision for person, send forth a heavy modern civilization breathing.The vegetable contain the good reputation of gold and jade arethusa.
   The lamp produces according to the national standard, the lamp top and bottom light body adopts high and pure aluminum to die-castinged, modeling once, the color and luster is fresh and gorgeous, the adhesive strength is strong to wait a characteristics.Can meet the request of GB7000.5, the protection grade attains IP64.
   The CDA designs of the reflection machine go together with light reasonable, adopt a high and pure degree aluminum, the aluminum plank pulls to stretch to model, the anode oxidizes a processing after modeling.Have more excellent reflection result, Arc-shaped transparent cover, adopt the 5 MMs thick steel to turn glass, deeply the light rate is high, bearing impact, defending dizzled light, full body now the service of upscale time request.
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